Ferreteria Plus


Efficient management for hardware stores


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Ferreterías Plus is a complete application especially designed for the management of hardware stores. You can effectively control each of your business sections.

The program is structured in various modules to manage the store items, clients, purchases, sales and invoices. They are also complemented by a sales search engine and a tool to add notes.

The program allows the use of barcode scanners to simplify the job and it supports various pricelists, even in dollars.

Ferretería Plus allows the input of the cost of basically any article by the price provided by the supplier, also allowing various price lists, including one of them in dollars.

Furthermore, the program allows you to write complete reports of the sales by date, by article, supplier or client, purchases by article and supplier, valued stock, etc.

The trial version is limited to 100 uses or 30 days.

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